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New Batch Starts from 7th March 2024

That’s great news! Starting a new offline batch for CET (BANK / SSC) on 08th Feb 24. An excellent opportunity for students aiming to crack these competitive exams. Offline batches provide a structured learning environment with experienced faculty members, group discussions, and doubt-solving sessions along with super batch Alliance Club available for holistic development.

Here are a few benefits of joining an offline batch:

Personalized Guidance: In an offline batch, you’ll receive personalized guidance from experienced mentors who can provide individual attention and address your specific learning needs.

Peer Learning: Interacting with fellow aspirants during group discussions and study sessions can help broaden your knowledge, exchange ideas, and improve your overall understanding of the subjects.

Doubt Clearing: Offline batches offer the advantage of immediate doubt clearance, allowing you to get your queries resolved promptly and ensuring a strong foundation in the exam syllabus.

Structured Learning Environment: Offline batches usually follow a well-structured curriculum and study plan, helping you cover all the important topics within the given time frame.

Mock Tests and Practice Sessions: Regular mock tests and practice sessions conducted in offline batches can help you assess your progress, identify areas of improvement, and get acquainted with the exam pattern.

To enroll in the offline batch starting from 1st Nov for CET (BANK/SSC/RLY), you can contact our nearest branch. They will provide you with further details regarding the course duration, fee structure, and admission process. Demo Classes also available.

Good luck with your preparations for the CET (BANK/SSC/RLY) exams !

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