Alliance Club is a voluntary subset of Career Planner established with a vision to potentialise, possibilise, concretize and institutionalize the idea of excellence in order to usher in a meritocratic culture facilitating the development of a close-knit, responsible and sensitive community in the service of a resurgent nation.

Activities of Club

Generally three sessions are conducted in every meeting.

  • 1st Session – Review of previous set
  • 2nd Session – Practice of set
  • 3rd Session – Presentation/Group Discussion/Interview/Debate/Extempore/ Rapid fire etc.

Monthly Review/Group Meeting

On the first Monday of every month, monthly review/group meeting of all four groups would take place at 11:30 AM. The purpose of this meeting is to measure the performance of each and every member of all four groups and address issues and concerns that are of common interest.

How To Become A Member Of Alliance Club

By 8th of every month interested students have to fill the registration form and submit to the office. Entrance examination would be conducted on 10th of every month. Students selected through this written examination would be called for interview.

Role of Members

Chairperson : The role of chairperson is of prime importance. It is the chairperson who has to conduct all the meetings of the club on a rotational basis.Observer : The role of observer is of administrative nature. The observer is required to check whether all the activities of the club are conducted in the prescribed way, whether all the members follow the code of conduct and whether the chairperson deliver their responsibilities well.Treasurer : The role of treasurer is to carry out financial obligation of the club as per prescribed guidelines.Members : Each and every member of the club is required to participate actively in all the activities of the club and they are also required to follow the code of conduct of the Alliance Club.