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Located in the heart of Boring Road in its own state – of – the art corporate building Career Planner aims at imparting highly pertinent education to the aspirants for CAT/ MBA programmers / Bank P.O and Clerk, SSC, Defence, Railways and other objective tests.

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CP is guided by the vision of excellence, sustained by the energy of success and characterized by the value of integrity It is a teacher – oriented system where the teachers – the masters of their respective fields with proven track – record and enviable reputations – work hard with the students enabling them to be successful. The focus is not on solitude but on solidarity, on creating an ambience where the students take charge of their lives and destinies, learn to cooperate and click as a team. The exclusive, elitist ‘Alliance club’ is emblematic of this spirit of excellence through solidarity. It is the democratic rationale of the institute that underpins the spirit of success. We treat students not as kids but as grown-ups whose anxieties, anguish, confusion, queries, concerns but above all dreams must be understood.